Nicole Li 李歌

Li began learning Erhu at the early age of 6, and started training professionally at age 11 in the Wuhan Conservatory of Music Affiliated Secondary School, where she received a full scholarship for four consecutive years. Li was later admitted to the prestigious Shanghai Conservatory of Music, where she earned her Bachelor of Music degree in Erhu performance in 2008.

Li is a former Erhu instructor at VSO School of Music, as well as an Ensemble-in-Residence at the University of British Columbia. 2012-2020, Li has premiered over 50 new pieces in north America. In 2015, Li was a recipient of the prestigious Outstanding Young Leaders Medal of Merit Award. 2018 Chinese New Year, she was invited to perform Canada's national anthem at Canucks Game as a Chinese Instrumental soloist.

As a performing artist, Li is known for her interpretive expressiveness, stylistic versatility and ability to transverse a wide range of musical genres from the East to the West, from the traditional to the avant-garde. As a teacher, Li is known for her ability to inspire students to excel, as evidenced by all her students’ successful exam results.



演奏方面,自2002年以来,她以独奏、重奏等形式参与了大量音乐作品的首演及录制了众中国大陆、欧洲、北美的学术音乐会/峰会等活动。2012-2020年在北美地区首演录制超过50位中外作曲家创作的二胡新作品。2015年,获得加拿大杰出青年领袖奖 2018年春节,在加人队Canucks冰球赛场上演奏加拿大国歌。